Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Beautiful Little Babes!

Oh my goodness, the cuteness is uncontrollable! Thanks to JLD Photography for the fun Easter photos.

Sweet little Lorelai - 3 Months

Max - King of the wild things - 2 Years old
He wouldn't smile for ANYTHING!
It was like a military photo shoot ... or he thought we were taking photos in the 1800's. 
Oh well, he's still cute.

Love these little bugs.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Introducing ...

Our beautiful baby girl, 

Lorelai Anne

Born December 3rd
6 lb 13 oz
18.5 inches long

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coming in December

We're having a baby!!!


We're so excited!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Buzz!



Despite the "not so sure about this" look on his face, he really likes it!  
Well actually, I'm not sure he cares either way.  But he's much cooler in this summer heat!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mr. Peterson, College Grad

My incredibly amazing, handsome husband graduated from Brigham Young University in April in Exercise Science.  We're so proud of him, he's worked so hard to get to this point!

The day started out a little stressful.
I had a wedding cake to deliver that afternoon, but we knew we had to get Kyle to the Marriot Center by 1:30.  So we all got in the car (kyle, myself with a cake on my lap, and Max in the back), and made our way up state street... when our car died in the middle of the street.  
After many very sweet people helped us get the car out of the road, Kyle's dad picked us up, helped us deliver the cake, and got us to Kyle's graduation on time.  Yay Steve!
So, that explains why Kyle doesn't have a genuine smile on his face in this picture.

Max kept busy with candy, thanks to Grandma Pete

Way to go, honey!  We love you!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Losing Weight is a b**** (what were you thinking?? I was thinking 'blast'. sheesh)

I'd like to say all of my weight gain was from being pregnant ... but to be honest, it all started when Kyle and I started dating.  I went on a cruise with some friends and it all went down hill from there!  

Here's my problem:

I love love LOVE food.
And I absolutely HATE, I mean really detest, working out.

I think my negative thoughts of working out go back to P.E. in Jr. High ... running around the gym to the music of Grease in Mrs. Scott's class.  Not fun memories for me.  OH!  And the "fun" run!  What the heck was fun about it?!

Any who, I've really packed on the weight.  I am SO sick of it!  
I've gone through phases .. I'd work out really well for maybe 3 weeks and then get frustrated and quit.  Nothing was really working for me.
my sister-in-law started doing to the Weight Watchers Online Program.  I decided to join her in hopes that it would do something for me.  Anything!
I really stayed strict with my points and watched my weight drop.  Seriously.  It dropped so fast, I couldn't believe it!  (I wasn't even working out!)

*they're not paying me to say this by the way*

Looking back I couldn't believe how horribly I ate.  I ate anything, anytime, anywhere.  I ate a lot.  My portions were HUGE.  I realized I was always trying to eat as much as Kyle (which is weird, maybe it was a woman power thing).  My portion sizes are so much more controlled now and I'm not as hungry as I use to be. 
 I started in January and and today I reached one of my big goals!
I've lost 20 pounds!  wohoo!  But I still have a ways to go.  

Bring it on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick Overview of the Last 4 Months

I'm an awesome blogger.
Just kidding.
I suck.


Max got cuter

We went to Santa Rosa, California to have Thanksgiving with my brothers family

With a quick stop in San Fran

Kyle got to go to Hawaii with the BYU football team

Max met Santa for the first time.
They bonded.


Max and his buddies just keep getting cuter


Max celebrated his first Valentine's Day

We went with Kyle's family to see the Eagles! 
Not the band.
The flying kind.
They migrate to Farmington Bay this time of year and it's a really cool thing to see!  Tons of eagles, just hangin out.
Unfortunately ... I don't have any pictures of the bald eagles!  ...sorry.  Apparently I'm a new mom and I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my baby.

Max with Aunt Kari

Some of the gang

Aaaand Max keeps getting cuter.
It was cold!  Even for little monsters!

And that's a quick summary of the last 4 months! 
K.  See ya in July.